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Weekdays 10am - 6pm 115A Commonwealth Drive #03-15 Tanglin Halt Industrial Building, Singapore 149596



Daily 10am - 8pm 267/2 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #02-10 Singapore 238896

blackmarket entranceThis is one of our branch located in Orchard Central. We have strategically positioned our shop away from the hectic side of the famous Orchard Road. Blackmarket no.2 came out innovative yet maintaining its hidden existence on the street.

We have expanded due to the increasing numbers of innovative and modern fashion labels in Singapore, Asia region and many other fashion labels in the global industry. We are well-known across the region in the fashion industry with our distinctive strategies in the fashion retail market as well as being featured in many international press like NYTimes, Planet Mag NY, WGSN portal and Vouge Milan.

blackmarket clothings

In Blackmarket no.2, we will focus on supplying designers that follows seasonal collection. We will also offer bold and unique fashion labels not only from the region but over the world. We also stock for inventory from young fashion designers in Singapore to encourage them and showcase their work to the public. For Blackmarket no. 2, it involves both fashion and art where we goes beyond mere clothing where we are into other field such as film and indoor fashion designs arts from many other designers from many Southeast Asian countries.

blackmarket shoesWhen you step into Blackmarket no. 2 in Orchard Central, you are able to see a shack-like wooden structure which is called “Black Box”. It serves as an area and main point for several fashion projects. Some of the projects include transformation of other classic brands into new designs which are being displayed on the shelves for people to purchase. The store is actually designed by both founders of Blackmarket where you can see that every corners and designs are actually made up of raw word. One of the example will be the “Black Box” mentioned above. It actually gives consumers a warm and classic feeling when they step in which can also outstand the fashion clothing in the store.

Fashion Events

Over the years, blackmarket have been actively participating in fashion shows and festivals in Singapore. One of the famous festival will be the Singapore Fashion Festival which is also known as the Asia Fashion Exchange annual event. It is considered the largest fashion festival in Singapore which allows local and international fashion designers to showcase their designs. One of the most anticipated event is also the catwalk. For the Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX), it’s constantly encouraging more Singapore designers to take part in the events so that every single designers have the opportunities to learn and explore. Most importantly, it helps to improve Singapore’s presence in the global fashion industry.

Through these festivals, we are able to follow and learn about the fashion trends for each different years and seasons so that we are able to bring in classic and trended designs into our shop. We are constantly following the trends so that we are able to bring out the best to our clients. Clients’ satisfaction in buying our apparels is what we hope to achieve. We hope to build a long lasting relationship with our customers by giving them surprise in each and every different seasons. From sweaters to simple T-shirt, we are selective in every designs that we brought into our shop so that our shirts and dress are unique. This allows us to be remain competitive in the ever-changing fashion industry which includes the competitive online shopping industry.

Since every now and then we will organise fashion shows and events to show case our designs and also to attract publics. All of these is actually possible with the help of our sponsors, from event venues to furniture and facilities such as lighting and air-conditioning system.

Some of our fashion events are actually organised outdoors such as outside Ngee Ann City or Plaza Singapura and many other venues. One of the most problematic and frustrating issues that we are facing for almost all outdoor events is the intolerable heat. Fortunately, we are able work with corporate sponsors in the air-conditioning field which are able to supply us with air-conditioners that are suitable for our outdoor event venues. These are able to cool down our venues and able to provide a cooling and comfortable environment for our staff and the publics to enjoy. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our aircon servicing Singapore specialist that are supporting us all these years.

Blackmarket is currently looking for corporate sponsors for our fashion events. Any interested corporate sponsors can contact us for more information. Our sample sponsors - Singapore private investigator and Shower Screen



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